"They met one night, at a Great White show...Jack Russell's..." And so it began. MetByFate's inception came when Tracy Brinkley & Steve Bender met (by fate) at a Jack Russell's Great White show. That fateful meeting started a musical journey that has seen Tracy join Steve in a blues rock outfit called the Tim Huston Project, that Steve was already in when they met. When Steve & Tracy outgrew that band, it was time to move on to bigger & better things.

Most importantly, that chance meeting started the project that was to become                                               MetByFate.

Now, with the band gaining momentum and adding three new members, they're set to blow up the Denver music scene.

                                             Learn more about each member below.

Band Bios

Tracy Brinkley
2006 Colorado Rock Award Nominee-
Best Drummer
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    Many years ago, in a place called Pungo Virgina, a wild child named Tracy Brinkley was born. Tracy grew up in a rural area near the Atlantic ocean surfing and raising hell. He has been playing drums since he was ten years old when he became entranced watching his big brother Don Brinkley II play a 60's era Ludwig kit with original Turkish Zildjain Cymbals. After sneaking in sessions when his big bro wasn't around, Tracy began playing along with albums and cassette tapes of his favorite music and remained unsatified until he could discern no difference in his playing and the drummer on whatever song he was learning. Raised on country music, Tracy discovered rock music around the same time he was toying on his brothers drums. And so began a love of making and listening to music that continues to burn inside him today.  


    In the 90's, Tracy wrote, recorded and perfomed music with various musician's. He started what was at first a four piece project that evolved into a three piece unit with Tracy drumming and handling lead vocals on about 85-90% of the material.  "It was a challenge to sort out some songs where I needed to play one time signature on the drums and sing in a different one. I remember singing a few Candlebox covers, off their first album...man, playing those songs and singing them too was hard as shit!"


    The beginning of the new millenium saw Tracy meet his beautiful wife and self-professed biggest fan, Kathy Leigh. Tracy says Kathy is his muse and is quick to brag on her. "Kat is amazing. She has my back and is always supportive of me. Whether it is helping me get sponsors when I was racing or my musical pursuits. She's always my biggest supporter." It is Kathy that is ultimately responsible for Tracy being in Denver. It's her ties to the Denver area that brought him here to meet his musical "brother from another mother" and keyboardist for the Tim Huston Project, Mr. Steve Bender. Instant chemistry was apparent and the two began jamming and writing music together. When THP  had a void on the drum throne, Tracy's loose style was a perfect fit. With Tracy on board, THP's signature blues/soul/rock hybrid sound just got a welcome kick in the....


    About joing THP, Tracy said

    "I am so excited to join such an incredible group of musician's. Being welcomed into the THP family has given my musical career real purpose and re-ignited the fires of inspiration in my soul. Fate brought me to where I am."

    Tracy drummed for THP for about a year and by all accounts, brought new life to THP. Founder Tim Huston suddenly disolved this version of the band in May 2016.


    When asked about his influences, Tracy gets excited. "Man, there are too many to list! I love classic rock, 80's metal and any thing blues based. Great White really speaks to me. Pink Floyd inspires me as a musician and David Gilmour is a guitar god!  My taste in music covers a lot of territory I tell ya. I was hooked early on by AC/DC, Ozzy and also by bands like Boston, Bad Company, Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Tom Petty, Cream, Zeppelin...Like I said, too frickin' many to list! But I have to say that I love other stuff too. Soul, Blues, Pop stuff too man. That's right. I love old school Madonna, really man. You might find me rockin' some old Bob Seger one minute and changing up to the Killer Dwarf's or I might just freak you out with some Katy Perry or Hank Jr. or Molly Hatchet...Look, a 

    great song is a great song...bottom line."

    "MetByFate is a breath of fresh air. Steve and I have this incredible connection. It was there from day one. It's rare and we intend to make good use of it. I love stepping out from behind the drum kit and just being the singer. I sang lead vocals for Stone Blue in the 90's, but I was also playing drums. So I got to hide behind the kit. Not now.  Just Steve & I, his Ovation and a couple of microphones. This is so much fun!" - Aug. 2016

    "MetBy Fate is honest music from real people. Unlike some bands, we are real and say what we mean... and mean what we say."

    "I love the music scene in Denver. It's incredible. It's this scene that has allowed me, with a hand from lady fate, to create the band I've always wanted. I am honored to be a part of the fraternity of musicians here in Mile High."



    Hunter Taylor


    Hunter Taylor was born in 1969 in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. His musical education began as a result of his older brother David who provided a lengthy introduction to the Beatles followed in the late seventies by a steady diet of punk, ska, alternative and new wave bands of the moment. While maintaining a long time interest in drumming he began playing in high school in the mid 1980s, initially influenced by many of the new wave bands of the moment like the Police and U2 and was particularly influenced by the work of Stewart Copeland and Larry Mullen Jr. However, as soon he began playing he became, like many other Canadian teenagers, deeply influenced by Rush and the drumming of Neil Peart - starting with Grace Under Pressure, he rapidly filled out the bands discography and this subsequently influenced a long time interest in prog rock drumming and the work of musicians like Bill Bruford (particularly his playing with King Crimson), Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman. This also led to his embrace of more older bands like the Who and the incendiary playing of Keith Moon, as well as drummers like Simon Philipps and Mark Brezezcki (of Big Country) who would work with Pete Townsend on most of his solo albums. 


    By his undergraduate years in Toronto, Taylor would delve deeper into contemporary alternative and hardcore, being particularly influenced by the playing of Grant Hart of Husker Du and Bill Berry of REM, while continuing to fill out a diverse musical catalog that was augmented by several years of DJing at University of Toronto pubs. Following graduation he would work on the Toronto music scene for close to a year as an employee of CIUT, dabbling in band auditions with groups like Franks Adventure, whose drummer Rob Greenaway would be a major influence, as well as playing with The World is my Ashtray, with By Divine Right's Jose Contreras.


    Following a relocation to the UK in 1992 for graduate school at Oxford, Taylor would ship his drums across the Atlantic to the occasional exasperation of his St. Peter's College housemates. He continued to dabble with local bands while being exposed to the likes of local and British bands like Swervedriver, Radiohead, Dr. Phibes and Therapy as well as emerging mega acts from the States like Smashing Pumpkins whose drummer Jimmy Chamberlin remains a major influence. In 1994 he would join local band The Other Kind and record a four song EP in Abingdon, UK. This sojourn would prove relatively brief and by 1995 after beginning his doctorate, his drumming career would be put on hold.


    In 1996, Taylor would move to NYC to marry his wife Kathryn Luke. 


    In 2010 the Taylor family would relocate to Arvada, Colorado where Hunter was able to resume playing. In 2013 he would successfully audition for local band En Tu Oblivion and would record a full length album in 2015, Infinite Sea. In 2017 he would audition for and then join a second band, MetByFate, following their recording of their first EP. He continues to act as drummer for both bands.

    Steve Bender
    2006 Colorado Rock Award Winner-
    Best Keyboardist

    Born in 1970, Steve Bender is a Denver native and grew up in Arvada in the 80's. In 1978, he was fortunate enough to see KISS play at McNichols Arena and as soon as he heard Peter Criss' gravel laced voice and had seen his drums rise above the band, he was hooked and wanted to be a drummer. He stayed dedicated to music by playing with his schools' concert bands and in high school, he was a lead snare drummer in the marching band drum line.

    In 1989, Steve joined the Navy and spent 9 hard but successful years in the Submarine Service. He was honorably discharged in 1998 and after a few small distractions, found himself back home in Denver. However, Steve's mother Kathy was taken by a drunk driver in 1997 and Steve could feel the massively empty void. He turned his emotions into playing the piano and began to really learn the instrument. That void was slowly starting to get filled as he grew as a musician. After meeting the love of his life Danielle in 2000, Steve wrote his first piano composition titled "Flight of the Dragons In C Major". This is a six minute instrumental piece that features piano backed with strings and is a reference to his wife's love for dragons.


    Around 2006, he began to teach himself guitar as a backup for when he was not able to play piano. He then bought his first guitar from a member of the band Sugarloaf and the guitar seed was officially planted.In 2010, Steve joined a local cover band called the Colorado Cruisers. They played 50 songs in a 4 to 5 hour set. Steve played both keys and guitar and really started to find his niche as a performer.


    In early 2012, Tim Huston and his son Taylor wandered into the drum shop at a music store that Steve was managing. Tim told Steve about his original band called the 'Tim Huston Project' and stated that he had been interested in having a key player in his band. He invited Steve and his wife to a practice and as soon as Steve heard the first note that Tim sang, he knew he had found a good thing.  Steve's best friend Tracy Brinkley from Virginia joined the band as the new drummer in 2015 and he and Steve performed with the Tim Huston Project until May 2016.  


    Steve no longer considers himself a drummer but really enjoys playing and writing music on both guitar and piano.

    "I've really grown leaps and bounds as a musician and a composer since teaching myself guitar. I enjoy guitar and piano equally but for different reasons. It's like having two different art mediums such as clay and oil paints. Both are used and handled differently but the end result is the same as they can both create something beautiful." -Steve


    Bill Yeager 
    Bass Guitar

    Bill Yeager is the  bass player for  MetByFate. His playing has become an identifiable and distinct part of the MetByFate sound. After providing stellar bass licks in the studio for the self-titled  MetByFate EP, Bill officially joined the band in September of 2017.  A versatile player and true professional, Big Bad Bill is the thunder in MetByFate's brand of rock-n-roll noise. Besides being an accomplished bass player, he is also a professional photographer. Bill, along with MBF drummer Hunter Taylor, also play for Denver band En Tu Oblivion.

    Sean Taylor

    Lead Guitar

    Sean joined MBF in 2019 and is an up and coming shredder. Sean comes to MBF via his friendship with brother and former member Randy Parks. Sean is an instinctual player that locked in on exactly the kind of lead player that MetByFate needed. He has great energy and positivity and meshes well with Trace & Bender's vision for the band. Stellar runs and kick-ass licks comin-atcha!

    Randy Parks
    Lead  Guitar
    (former member)
    Randy Parks was the original lead guitarist for MetByFate. Randy  joined the band after recording all the lead guitar work for the 2017 self-titled EP. Steve and Tracy met Randy when they played a show with Randy's band the Blue Collar Rejects. 

    Randy is a self taught guitar player. "Everything I play is original. Off the cuff playing...call it improv. I have been a musician most of my life, and find music to be much more than sound. Rather, to me , a way of life, a way of being! Music is my religion! Cheapest therapy there is!"


    Favorite quote..."Your left hand is what you know, your right hand is who you are."